Slide PATAGONIA UNCOVERS AIRS FROM Made from start to finish in patagonia. From the manual harvest of the fruit to the preparation of the sweet. From there, its irresistible sweetness OUR FLAVOURS


Discover the delicious line of pure flavors of Patagonia.

The hand-picked selection of berries can be found in every spoonful of our treats.

Due to the reduction of cane sugar, the flavors of the fruits are enhanced even more in the light line.

artisanal production

We bring you flavor notes from Argentine Patagonia to your table


¿How to give your empty jars a second chance?

Soy candles

Perfect to use as a centerpiece or decoration, for a date or to scent your home


Make terrariums inside glass containers! there are plants that do not need holes from…

Recycled watch

For jam caps there are also tips! create a super easy and hippie chic watch.


If we talk about simple but beautiful ideas, this is by far excellence. learn to decorate your glasses